Drinks and Soup

Coffee Club

Here at Bayne’s we like to ensure that everything we sell is of the best standard – which is why our freshly-ground coffee is only made with Arabica beans, which are Rainforest Alliance certified. We also sell tea and hot chocolate (in most stores) so there is a hot drink for everyone, and an excellent selection of cold drinks.

We also offer a range of warming soups that are perfect for dunking your morning or bran roll in.

Product List

Soft Drink Range Hot Soup Range* Freshly Ground Bean to Cup Coffee
330ml Cans Soup Of The Day White Coffee*
250ml Bottles Fresh Lentil Soup Black Coffee*
500ml Bottles Latte*
750ml Bottles** Tea and Hot Chocolate Cappuccino*
Fresh Milk Tetley Teas* Mocha
Twinings Tea* Espresso
Hot Chocolate** Double Espresso
Flavoured Syrups**

*Available in a regular and large sizes.
**Our range varies from store to store.