Rolls & Bread

Rolls & Bread

We have a wonderful selection of rolls and bread, including our traditional morning roll, which we bake fresh every day, using the same principles and natural ingredients that have endured since 1954. To produce the distinctive flavour of each roll, our dough’s fermentation process lasts for over 12 hours. The Bayne’s roll is finished and oven-fired by our skilled craft bakers, and sold on the same day. As are all of our breads and rolls – freshness is very important to us.

As well as our morning roll, you can choose our bran, harvest or sunflower seeded rolls, dark-fired morning rolls, softies, cabins or mini rolls. If you prefer a delicious loaf of bread, choose from our traditional morning loaf, baked from the same recipe as our morning roll, or our healthy multi-seed bread, or our traditional white and brown panettes.

Product List

Rolls Bread
Traditional Morning Roll Traditional Morning Loaf
Bran Roll Multiseed Loaf
Cabin Roll White Panette
Dark Fired Roll Brown Panette
Softie Roll Wholemeal Loaf
Sunflower Seeded Roll Oat and Barley Bread
Harvest Roll Fruit and Nut Loaf
Mini Roll Cinnamon Loaf
Bridge Roll Malt Loaf

*All products are subject to availability; check your store for its range.