Small & Large Cakes

Small & Large Cakes

Indulge yourself with a delicious treat from our selection of hand-decorated small and large cakes.

There is something for everyone, including our fabulous cupcakes, carrot cakes, snowballs, fruit slices, and empire biscuits. Don’t forget our sous lugs, Blobby biscuits and novelty cupcakes, which are perfect for the little ones in your life.

For a family treat, why not indulge in one of our large cakes? From gingerbreads to caramel sponges, we are sure you will find the perfect cake.

Product List

Small Cakes Large Cakes
Empire Biscuit French Cakes Mr Blobby Biscuit Farmhouse Cake
Fruit Slice Carrot Cake Sous Lug Caramel Sponge
Original Cup Cake Pineapple Cake Oat Biscuits Plain Ginger Cake
Novelty Cup Cakes Coffee Bun Oat and Cinnamon Biscuits Apple Flan
Triple Chocolate Muffin Custard Slice Almond Biscuit
Truffle Chocolate Crisp Apple Tart
Snowball Caramel Slice Rhubarb Tart

*All products are subject to availability; check your store for its range.